Coil Fed Laser Cutting Machine

Coil Fed Laser Cutting Machine Line is the production line which gives our customers great advantages on cutting processes with continuous laser blanking machine system. So, with special coil straightening feeding system and advanced continuous laser blanking machine line software, we provide accuracy, precision and fast production possibility from coil to laser cutting system.

Main Units of Coil Fed Laser

– Decoiler and Loading Car

Our coil laser cutting machine has different capacity range. Decoiler and loading car will be provided according to desired working width and coil OD diameter. We can offer until 30 tons decoiler and loading car with our coil laser blanking system.

– Coil Straightener Feeder

At coil fed laser blanking system, according to working raw material, we offer our compact straightener feeder solution or separate straightener feeder solution on our coil laser cutting system. Shortly, on compact straightener feeder machine, feeding and straightening work can be done on same chassis. Moreover for higher thicknesses, we offer separate straightener and feeder solution on our coil laser cutting machine system.

– Continuous Fiber Laser Cutting

With the help of our great experience on continuous fiber laser cutting system, we can match precision cutting results on our coil laser cutting machines. Also our coil laser cutting machine will give you perfect results with minimum scrap level. Moreover, we design our complete coil fed laser blanking system for precision feeding results with best synchronization system on coil fed cutting machine system.

– Scrap Recoiler

Coil fed scrap recoiling unit is one of the best advantage of coil fed laser cutting machine. As a result, after coil laser cutting process, collecting to metal scraps is pretty easy on coil fed laser blanking system with the help of scrap recoiler. Coil fed scrap recoiler is also synchronized with complete coil laser cutting system.

– Stacking System

Stacking unit of coil fed system is designed according to final product of customer. So, according to final product surface quality demand, thicknesses, sizes and raw material we design the stacking unit of coil laser cutting machine line. As a result, we are providing the optimum solutions according to our customer’s requirements on stacking system of coil fed laser blanking system.

Advantages of Coil Fed Laser Cutting System

•    Minimum scrap with laser blanking machine system

•    Less electricity usage with continuous coil to laser cutting

•    Lower your labor costs with blanking system

•    High production capacity with continuous laser cutting

•    Low maintenance cost laser blanking machine

•    Stop mold investments with laser blanking machine software

•    Maximum cutting flexibility with sheet metal laser blanking system

•    Clean, precision, continuously coil to laser cutting solution

•    Cutting beds design according to customer’s demand

•    Custom design possibility on steel blanking laser blanking

General advantages of Coil Fed Cutting Machine System

Shortly, one of the best advantages of coil blanking machine lines are avoiding the mold investments, lower storage area and high capacity. Also it gives our customers pretty much flexibility on production range. So starting to production without loosing time and any mold investment. Also coil to laser cutting machine is avoiding to loose time during mold production. So, you won’t wait again for the mold producing time with our continuous laser blanking machine lines.

Coil Fed Robotting Stacking

Coil Fed Laser Cutting Machine Usage Fields




Industrial Kitchen

Lift Industry

Cabin Equipment Industry

Home Appliances

Shelving & Display

Metal Goods



Cutting Tools

Defence Industry

Coil Fed Laser Machine Inside

Stacking Solutions on Coil Fed Laser Cutting Machine

At first we have recoiling system as standard unit on our fiber laser blanking machine system, metal recoiling unit makes our customer’s scrap collecting job pretty easier. According to our customer’s demand we can add also other stacking unit option on our coil laser cutting machine system, such as robotic stacking unit, vacuum stacking unit etc.

Coil Fed Laser

Coil Fed Laser Blanking System

The coil fed laser blanking system is the logically combination of coil fed laser and cut to length machine. Coil fed laser blanking machine line can give great flexibility on production. Also if we compare with coil fed laser cutting machine, coil fed laser blanking system has additionally stacking unit, leveler & straightener which help to use coil fed laser also as cut to length machine.

Main Units of Coil Fed Laser Blanking

  • Decoiler
  • Leveler & Straightener
  • Shear
  • Stacking Unit
  • Servo Feeder
  • Laser Cutting Unit
  • Stacking Unit

Advanced Coil Fed Laser Cutting and Blanking Machine

Flexible Solutions

According to our customer’s request, we offer different combinations of continuous coil laser cutting machine line. Such as, different production capacity range, with different working parameters according to our customer’s work parameters.

Low Energy Consumption

With the help of modern technology and our fiber laser blanking machine design, we offer to our clients to do same coil fed continuously laser machine work with minimum energy consumption if compared with our competitors. 

Easy to Use

Practical control panel, software and work adjustments, using our continuous continuous continuous laser cutting machine line is pretty easy. So, understanding to working mentality and starting to work with our continuously laser cutting machine line will be pretty easy. Operator will have easily full control on our coil to laser machine.

Different Coil Fed Cutting Machine Line Combinations

We offer alternative solutions on our laser blanking machine solutions. So that we can match with different parameters on continuous laser cutting machine. Such as different laser cutting capacity, material type, thickness, width and etc.

Precision Work

With the help of our great experience on coil to laser blanking machine production. As a result, we inform and offer alternative solutions for our customers on our continuous coil fed machine system according to their job requirements. Moreover, we share our knowledge with our clients and offer them the most suitable coil-fed cutting machine according to their needs.

Advantage of our Coil Fed Cutting Machine

Production Speed

    – Different capacity solutions according to demand.


   – Solution according to our customer’s budget.

Energy Saving

   – Low energy consumption.

As Technic Machines we exported our machines more than 70 countries until today.

Our main focus is following each step. So, from order to assembly and start-up process and solving potential any difficulties for our customers. We do production process checking, machinery acceptance test performance, loading process check. Also helping the shipment organization, assembly and start-up organization and etc. We are with our customers at each step from the beginning to the end. If it is necessary we do also market research for optimum machinery option and giving our customers the critical information about the machines quality and after sales service performance of supplier. Our customers are happy to work with us. Also we are happy to receive regular inquires and orders from our old customers. Also we thank to our customers for being reference for us to their friends and partners, we feel that we are on right way.

With the help of our good relationships with Turkish machinery producers and our great knowlede about the producers. We are offering to our customers always the best and optimum solutions. So, working with us will make your work pretty easy from product research to delivery and assembly. 

Coil Fed Laser Cutting Machine