Roof panel roll forming machine, it is pretty common roll forming machine almost all over the World. Roof panel roll forming shape can be different according to local demand but generally roof panel roll forming shape has similarity.

General Units of Dachplatten-Rollforming-Maschine

  • Abhaspelmaschine
  • Roof Roll Forming Machine
  • Cutting Unit
  • Bedienfeld
  • Stacking-Einheit

General Roof Panel Machine Details

Steel Metarial : Coated Steel , Galvanised Steel etc.
Metal Thickness : 0,4 – 1 mm
Sheet Width : 1300 mm Max.
Max. Coil Weight : 12T

Anzahl der Walzprofilierstationen. : 18 Walzprofilier-Stationen (Opt.)
Walzprofiliergeschwindigkeit: 0-35 m/min

Roof panel machine has wide using area in construction industry. Metal roofing machine can be used in house roofing but it is also pretty common at factory roofing and commercial building roofing. As we mentioned earlier, roof panel roll forming machine’s final shape can be changed according to countries and local demand, but metal roof panels are used almost all over the world. Also the final forming model of metal roofing machine has similarity all over the world, there are only small differences on final shape of roof panel machine. Therefore we can easily adapted to final shape of our roof panel machine according to our customer’s demand.

We provide solutions also for second or third casettes on our roof panel machine. Also we produce our roof panel roll forming machine as double layer roof panel machine. So if our customers want to work more forming shapes on roof panel machine, we offer as alternatives casette solution or second layer solution on our roof panel forming machine.

Advantages of our Metal Roofing Machine

Flexible Lösungen
According to our customer’s request, we offer different combinations of metal roof making machine, we offer with different speed and production capacity range, with different working thicknesses and etc.

Niedriger Energieverbrauch
With the help of modern technology and our metal roof panel machine design, we offer to our customers to do same metal roof panel production work with minimum energy consumption if compared with our competitors. 

Einfach zu benutzen
With the help of practical control panel, software and work adjustments, using of our metal roof panel machine is pretty easy, understanding to working mentality and starting to work with our metal roofing machine will be pretty easy, operator will have easily full control on our roof panel roll forming machine.

Verschiedene Maschinenkombinationen
We offer alternative solutions on our metal roofing machine solutions, for matching different parameters on steel roof panel production, such as different thickness range, stacking length and etc.

With the help of our great experience on roof panel roll forming machine production, we inform and offer alternative solutions for our customers on our roof panel machine according to their job requirements. We share our knowledge with our customers and offer them the most suitable roof panel machine according to their needs.


Different roof panel machine capacity solutions, according to our customer’s demand.


Different roof panel machine budget solutions, according to our customer’s budget.


Low energy consumption metal roof panel making machine.

Roof Panel Roll Forming Machine