Gasket Sealing Extrusion Machine

Gasket Sealing Extrusion Machine

Gasket Sealing Extrusion Machine, we offer our gasket extrusion lines with different production capacity such as 20 meters/min, 40 meters/min, 60 meters/min, according to our customers demand. Our gasket extruder machine line can work with raw material PVC / TPR / TPE / TPU, these raw materials can be produced with same gasket extrusion machine line with our extruder machines.

Sealing and Gasket Extrusion Line is mainly used in many different industries. In construction industriy our gasket extrusion machine lines can be used for production such as wood door gasket, steel door gasket, aluminium door gasket, fire resistance door seals, pvc window gasket, aluminium window and etc. In white appliances, our gasket sealing extrusion machine can be used for refrigerator door seals, washing machine door gaskets and dish washer gaskets. In automative industry, our gasket sealing extruder machines can be used for production of car door gasket extrusion, car side window gasket production, front and rear car glass seal extrusion, engine cover gasket production and etc. Also our gasket seal extrusion machine can be used for luggage gasket production.

As explained more basic to fields, we can say the fields basically as window gasket sealing extruder machine lines, door gasket sealing extrusion machine lines, automative industry gasket extruder machine lines, luggage gasket extruder machines, white appliances gasket extruder machine lines and etc.

On our PVC/TPU/TPV/TPE gasket sealing extrusion machine lines have high production capacity with low power consumption with help of our advanced software and inverter.

With our PVC / TPR / TPE / TPU / gasket seal extruder machines you can achieve to European Quality Level on your products, with the help of our European technology, as our many European customers are using our Gasket Sealing Extruder Machines.

We design our gasket extruders differently for different raw material and production capacity, such as different design and size of gasket extruder screws and different barrel design.

On our Gasket Extruder Machinery Lines, we use the best quality extrusion screw steel raw material as German steel with DIN 8550 nitrated steel and pretty easy to use software for having low energy consumption.

Our advantages


    – Different capacity solutions according to demand.


   – Solution according to our customer’s budget.

Energy Saving

   – Low energy consumption possibility.