Our plastic bottle recycling machine is designed to give perfect solution for waste bottle recycle machine results. As Technic Machines, we provide different capacity options according to our customers bottle recycling machine’s capacity requirements. Our plastic bottle recycle machine can be produced as to market demand, raw material and etc. So it can work with pretty dirty plastic bottles, it can work with or without bales, fully automatic or semi automatic and etc. We design our plastic bottle recycling plant according to our customer’s raw material and their market requirements.


Our bottle washing plants are feasible with working for different plastic materials. Also our plastic bottle washing plant has new generation design for better solutions on water-saving and energy-saving. We give the best solution for our customers with minimum energy and and water consumption and maximum capacity on plastic bottle recycling machine options.

We can offer our bottle recycling machine as fully automatic system which help to reduce labor cost and helping to increase the production capacity with minimum energy usage. Also we provide our bottle recycle machine as semi automatic option, so we can reduce the beginning investment cost for our customers.


The principle of working processes of our plastic bottle recycling machine lines are unpacking the bales, washing the material, sorting the materials, detecting to metal scraps, crushing, washing, hot washing, drying and packaging.

The main units of Bottle Recycle Machine Lines,

- Förderer

- Ballenöffner

- Spirale Helezon

- Kappen- und Etikettentrenner

- Manuelles oder automatisches Sortierband

- Trommel

- Förderband

- Brecher

- Schneckenlader.

- Heißer Wascher

- Cap&Label Separator

- Schneckenlader

- Reibscheibe

- Flotationstanks

- Trockner

- Big Bag-Füllung

Recycled plastic bottles can be used as raw material for fabric, yarn, fibre, or packaging production raw materials. After bottle recycling machine line, recycled plastic and cap can be turned to granules which can be used even for food packaging.

Bottle Recycle Machine

Advantages of our Plastic Bottle Recycle Machine

Flexible Lösungen

According to our customer’s request, we offer different combinations of plastic bottle recycling plant. Such as, we offer with different plastic bottles capacity range, with different working system semi automatic or full automatic, plastic bottle hot or cold washing machine, granulator solution, plastic bottle shredder or plastic bottle crusher alternatives and etc.

Niedriger Energieverbrauch

With the help of modern technology and our bottle recycle machine line design, we offer to our customers to do same plastic bottle recycle machine work with minimum energy consumption if compared with our competitors. 

Einfach zu benutzen

With the help of practical control panel, software and work adjustments, using of our bottle recycling machines are pretty easy. As a result, understanding to working mentality and starting to work with our bottle washing plant will be pretty easy. Operator will have easily full control on our bottle recycle washing machine.

Verschiedene Maschinenkombinationen

We offer alternative solutions on our bottle washing plant solutions. So we can match different parameters on plastic bottle recycling machine results. Such as different recycling plastic bottle shredder range, high speed range, water treatment, granulator option, plastic bottle shredder or crusher alternatives and etc.


With the help of our great experience on plastic bottle recycle machine production, we inform and offer alternative solutions for our customers on our plastic bottle recycle machine according to their job requirements with plastic bottle shredder or crusher. So, we share our knowledge with our customers. And offer them the most suitable plastic bottle crusher machines according to their needs.

Fortschrittliche Kunststoffflaschen-Recyclingmaschine


    - Verschiedene Kapazitätslösungen je nach Bedarf.


   - Lösung entsprechend dem Budget unserer Kunden.


   – Low energy consumption possible.

Bottle Recycle Machine

As Technic Machines we exported our machines more than 70 countries until today including plastic bottle recycling machine line systems. Our bottle washing plants are used for many years by our customers. We offer to our customers always optimum solution bottle recycle machine lines with optimum bottle recycling machine price level. Our customers have good production results during their bottle recycle production with our plastic bottle washing lines.

Our bottle recycle machines are produced to have complete finished plastic bottle recycling line’s product. Also recycled plastic granule, we design our plastic bottle recycle machineries for complete plastic bottle recycle production. So you will have plastic bottle recycle production from plastic bottle scraps to finished granule product with our complete plastic bottle recycle washing machine lines.

As Technic Machines, our one of the most important priority is to meet with our customer demands. So, we inform our customers about the possibilities and impossibilities at the beginning of our conversation. For example about possible plastic bottle recycling capacity, precision of plastic bottle recycle processes, plastic bottle scrap feeding range, possible production range of bottle recycling washing machine line etc. We always try to do our best for informing our customers about the correct parameters. Our customers receive correct informations on our Plastic Bottle Recycling Washing Machine Lines and other production lines.

Plastic Bottle Recycling Machine