Thermoforming Sheet Extruder Machine


Thermoforming Sheet Extruder Machine, we offer our thermoforming sheet extruder lines as INLINE thermoform sheet extruder machine system with thermoforming machines working together, or we offer as OFFLINE thermoform sheet extruder machinery line which do the coiling work after thermoform sheet extrusion process. Of course we offer our thermoforming sheet production lines with different production capacity and for different final plastic sheet raw material according to our customer’s demand. We design our thermoforming sheet extrusion line for different fields such as pvc thermoform sheet extruder machines line, pp thermoform sheet extrusion line, pe thermoform sheet extruder line, pet thermoform sheet extruder machines line and for other plastic thermoform sheet extruder machine lines.

Thermoformed plastic products can be used as final product in many different field but mostly in food industry.

Thermoforming extruded sheets can be used in different fields after thermoforming machine process.

– Thermoformed dishes and plates

– Thermoformed coffee capsules

– Thermoformed medical packages

– Thermoformed flower pots

– Thermoformed luggages

What we can offer for Thermoforming Sheet Extrusion Lines,

Best solutions for different thermoforming sheet final products

Wide range capacity options for thermoform plastic sheet extruders

INLINE or OFFLINE thermoformed product production system solutions

The best extrusion screw with raw material DIN 8550 Nitrated Steel

Screw hardness level with 65-70 HRC Rockwell

We will offer you the optimum and best solution according to your thermoform sheet extruder machinery line and thermoforming machinery demand

Our advantages


    – Different capacity solutions according to demand.


   – Solution according to our customer’s budget.

Energy Saving

   – Low energy consumption.