Máquina extrusora de WPC - Madera plástica

WPC Extrusion Machine, we offer our WPC extruder lines with different production capacity and for different final wood plastic extruder product according to our customers demand. We design our WPC extruder machine for different fields. Such as WPC decking extrusion machine line, WPC board extrusion production line, WPC profile extrusion line, WPC foam board extrusion machine line, WPC flooring extrusion machine line and for other WPC extruder machine lines.

What we offer with WPC Wood Extrusion Machine,

Best solutions for different WPC wood plastic final products

Wide range capacity options for WPC and Wood Plastic extrusion.

El mejor tornillo de extrusión con materia prima DIN 8550 Acero Nitrurado

Screw hardness level with 65-70 HRC Rockwell. We will offer you the optimum and best solution according to your WPC Wood Plastic Extrusion Line demand

Is WPC Extruder Products are Good for Environment ?

If we compare WPC materials with typical wood or etc. We can say that durability and strength of WPC materials are more stronger. So lifetime is longer of WPC materials with compare of other wood base products. Which helps to decrease the woodchopping numbers.

Also WPC extruder machine can be worked with recycle plastic and recycle wood. Which helps to use old wood furnitures and flooring materials again. Also the scrap plastic can be used with WPC extruder machine systems, depend on using area.

Another advantage is minimizing the wood material strength differences. For example oak wood and poplar wood have big strength and using life differences. Therefore we can’t use these wood types on same field as standard way. With the help of wood plastic extrusion machine technology, we can minimize the strength and durability of wood types. So, we can have a chance to use more fast growing industrial wood instead of natural slow growing woods for different fields with help of WPC plastic extruder machine technology.

What is the most common WPC products ?

WPC / Wood Plastic final products is very common product in many different fields.

Wood plastic extrusion machine can be designed for different fields. Such as WPC flooring extruder machine, WPC foam board machine, WPC board production line, WPC profile extrusion line, WPC Co Extrusion decking machine and etc.

WPC Flooring

WPC flooring is pretty common final wpc product and becoming more popular each day because of strength and durability results of wpc flooring extrusion machine. We offer the optimum option for our customers wpc flooring extruder machine researches.

WPC Foam Board

As a usage area, WPC foam board are used in building facades. WPC foam board machine can give foam form to wpc boards. So that it can help also heat isolation of houses. So it will be pretty easy to produce wpc foam board with our wpc foam board production line for our customers.

WPC Board Panel

WPC board panels are used specially in furniture industry. The final product of wpc board production line can be used as kitchens, wall panels, wardrobes, door frames, bathroom cabinets and etc. So wpc board production line’s final products have wide using area in furniture industry.

WPC Profile

WPC profiles can be used as sight assembly product for other wpc final products. Or wpc profile extrusion line’s final products can be used as wpc guardrail, wpc skirting, wpc strip, wpc bar and etc. WPC profile extrusion machine capable to produce wide range of wpc profiles with changing tooling. Our WPC profile machine gives our customers flexibility to produce wide range of wpc profile as final product.

WPC Decking

As final product, WPC decking is pretty common final wpc product in balcony and gardens. WPC decking is used in open area because of its strength and durability. Wit our co extrusion wpc decking machine, our customers can have pretty good results on wpc decking production with our wpc extruder machine. Our wpc co extrusion decking machine is giving great results to our customers with their wpc decking extrusion machine.

Advantages of our Wood Plastic Extruder Machine

Soluciones flexibles
According to our customer’s request, we offer different combinations of wood plastic extruder machine line, we offer with different speed and production capacity range, with different working thicknesses, different working width, different raw material solutions and etc.

Bajo consumo de energía
With the help of modern technology and our wood plastic extrusion machine line design, we offer to our customers to do same sheet production work with minimum energy consumption if compared with our competitors. 

Fácil de usar
With the help of practical control panel, software and work adjustments, using of our wpc extruder machine line is pretty easy, understanding to working mentality and starting to work with our wood plastic extrusion machine line will be pretty easy, operator will have easily full control on our sheet extrusion machines.

Diferentes combinaciones de máquinas
We offer alternative solutions on our wpc extrusion machine solutions, for matching different parameters on wpc extruder machine production results, such as different thickness range, width range, raw material and etc.

Trabajo de precisión
With the help of our great experience on wpc extrusion machine production, we inform and offer alternative solutions for our customers on our wpc extruder machines according to their job requirements. We share our knowledge with our customers and offer them the most suitable wpc extrusion machines according to their needs.

Nuestras ventajas


    - Diferentes soluciones de capacidad en función de la demanda.


   - Solución acorde con el presupuesto de nuestros clientes.

Ahorro de energía

   - Posibilidad de bajo consumo de energía.

WPC Extrusion Machine