Semi Auto Pipe Bending Machine

Máquina curvadora de tubos semiautomática

Our Semi-Automatic Pipe Bender Machines are produced for having complicated tube bending works easily with the help of servo rotation during tube bending works. So, you can consider our Semi Automatic Pipe Bender Machine as economical solution instead of CNC Tube Bending Machines with less cost than CNC Tube Bending Machine options for our customers.

Semi Automatic Mandrel Bender Machines models will help you to have precision bend rotations on your 3D tube bend works. As a result, you can have easily precision exhaust, copper, stainless steel and metal pipe bend solutions on your tube bend works. Also, stoppers on our Semi Automatic Tube Benders Machine which are on the linear guides of the machine, will help you to have full precision movement control during tube bending process.

Our Semi Automatic Tube Benders Machine is the solution for you, if you want to have flexibility and precision work on 3D exhaust, stainless steel, metal tube benders machine works with low cost Mandrel Bender Machine investment.

You will be happy to work with our Semi Automatic Pipe Bending Machines.

General Details of Semi-Auto Pipe Bender Machine

  • Servo Rotation Tube Bending Machine
  • NC Control Pipe Bending Machine
  • Tube Bender Machine with DDT Direct Gear Transmission
  • Touch Screen Tube Bender Machine Control
  • Pipe Bender Machine with Hydraulic Clamp-Die/Pressure-Die
  • Automatic Hydraulic Tube Bending Machine Mandrel Extraction
  • Sequentially Adjustable Flip Stops on Pipe Bending Machine
  • Easy Quick Changeable Tooling System on Pipe Bender Machine
  • Automatic / Manual Mode Optiıns on Tube Bending Machine
  • I/O List – Warning Messages on Pipe Benders Machine
  • Choose Different Mode for Different kind of Pipe Bending
  • Energy Saving Mode on Pipe Bender Machine

Technical Details of Semi – Auto Pipe Bending Machine

Tube Bending Diameter Range from 6 mm to 130 mm Ø

Pipe Bending Machine Center Line Radius According to Demand

Max. Tube Bending Angle 190°

Tube Bending Machine Length According to Demand

High Tube Bending Speed

Easy to Change Tube Bender Machine Mold Set

Low Energy Consumption Tube Bender Machine

Compact Pipe Bending Machine Design

  NC-32 Sr.  NC-51 Sr.  NC-60 Sr.  NC-76 Sr.  NC-90 Sr.
Tube Diameter Max.Ø32 x 2 mmØ51 x 3 mmØ60 x 3 mmØ76 x 4 mmØ90 x 4 mm
Max. CLR200220220250250
Bending Angle Max.190190190190190
Feeding Length Max.1910 mm2500 mm3060 mm3060 mm3060 mm
Total Power6 Kw10 Kw12 Kw23 Kw29 Kw
Bending Speed (°/sec)7842424221



Advantages of our NC Tube Bending Machines

Flexible Solutions
According to tube work, we offer different combinations of Semi Auto NC Servo Tube Benders Machinery. We offer semi auto pipe bender machine with different diameter range, with different tube benders radius range etc. Also servo rotation possibility, our semi auto model pipe benders machine will give your more flexibility.

Low Energy Consumption
With the help of modern technology and our perfect semi auto pipe benders design, we offer to our customers to do same tube bend work with minimum energy consumption if compared with our competitors.

Easy to Use
With the help of PLC based NC tube bender machinery’s practical control panel, software and work adjustments, using of our semi auto tube benders is pretty easy. So understanding to working mentality and starting to work with our semi auto hydraulic pipe bender machinery will be pretty easy. As a result, operator will have easily full control on our semi auto pipe benders machines. Even unexperienced operator can learn how to use after just few days education.

Different Pipe Bender Machine Combinations
We offer alternative solutions on our semi auto tube bender machine solutions. So that we can match different parameters on semi auto mandrel bender machines. Such as different pipe benders length, different bender radiuses etc.

Precision Work
With the help of our great experience on tube bender machine production, we inform and offer alternative solutions for our customers on our semi auto tube bender machineries according to their job requirements. So, we share our knowledge with our customers and offer them the most suitable tube bending machine according to their needs.

Pipe Diameter

Pipe Bending Diameter Range from 6 mm to 130 mm

Pipe Thickness

Different tube bending wall thickness range options

Pipe Radius

Wide tube and pipe bending radius range options

As Technic Machines we exported our machines more than 70 countries until today.

Our main focus is following each step from order to assembly and start-up process. So that we can solve potencial any difficulties for our customers. We do production process checking, machinery acceptance test performance, loading process check, helping the shipment organization, assembly and start-up organization and etc. So, we are with our customers at each step from the beginning to the end. Also if it is necessary, we do market research for optimum machinery option. We give our customers the critical information about the machines quality and after sales service performance of supplier. Our customers are happy to work with us and we are happy to receive regular inquires and orders from our old customers. Also we thank to our customers for being reference for us to their friends and partners. We feel that we are on right way.

With the help of our good relationships with Turkish machinery producers and our great knowlede about the producers. We are offering to our customers always the best and optimum solutions. So, working with us will make your work pretty easy from product research to delivery and assembly.