Technology Changes in Pipe Bender Machine

Cambios tecnológicos en las máquinas curvadoras de tubos

Pipe bending machine is used in the production of bending pipes and tubes for different industries. Tube bending machines are mostly used in the furniture, construction, marine, automotive, heating and cooling industries. Mandrel tube benders are pretty common machines to produce a variety of parts, including chairs, tables, bed, handrails, radiator, exhaust and etc.

Pipe bending machine’s technology is changed in years. At the beginning the tube bender machines were produce with basic button control and hydraulic power unit. But today with the help of technology, pipe bender machines have alternative technology and software solutions. Such as NC or CNC software alternatives and also working alternatives as hydraulic, servo axes and etc.

With the improvement on mandrel pipe bender technology, also product results and range became more complex today. If you compare today’s chairs and tables with old models, you will realize the effect of tube bending machines in furniture industry. We can say similar things also for other industry which use pipe bender machineries products.

After simple hydraulic mandrel tube benders, we started to see NC control mandrel tube benders, which has PLC based control system. After servo engines usage on automatic tube benders and PC based software capabilities. We faced with advanced CNC tube bender machines. Advantage of CNC machines can be changed according to machine model and producers. And the good CNC pipe bending machine software became the key point, also machine construction design capability as well.

Today we see in the market pretty advanced CNC pipe bending machines.

New Technology CNC Tube Bender

Fully electric CNC tube bender :

This pipe bender machine is using servo engines for all moving parts and electricity consumption of fully electric CNC machine is lower than other automated tube bender. With the help of advanced speed, power and timing control capability on each moving parts, bending quality are also increasing with this new automatic pipe bending technology. But again the CNC software and machine construction design is becoming key points.

Right and Left CNC pipe bender :

This CNC tube bender machine technology needs definitely advanced CNC tube bender machine software. Also of course needs very good tube bending machine construction design. Right and Left automated tube bender are helping to CNC mandrel bender operator to avoid crashing problem. So at some difficult tube bender work, there is always risk to crash the machine head or other points. At this point, right&left CNC tube bender can avoid these risks.

Multi stacks CNC tube bending machine :

This is most common CNC tube bender model at the moment in the market, multi stacks CNC tube bender. Because CNC pipe bender can give flexibility to bend different radiuses at the same work. Also for bigger radiuses these types of CNC models can give the rolling or push bending chance during pipe bending work.

Today mostly companies are still using more basic mandrel tube bender, for typical easy bending works or lfor ow production capacity. CNC pipe bending machine investment still can be considered as not profitable investment for small production capacity or with lower profit margin. But technology increase at industry is forcing specially furniture producers to have more complex CNC pipe bender machines. Because technology change in machine industry is giving chance to furniture designer to make more complex furniture design capability.

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