Cable Tray Production Line

Cable Tray Production Line

Cable tray production line is for production cable tray, which is pretty helpful system which can deliver to wires and cables safely against to crashing, over heating and fire. It is also pretty helpful for cable managing system. So adding new cables or removing the old cables are becoming pretty easy with cable trays, of course with required cable tray sizes.

We offer for our customers different cable tray roll form machinery line solutions, from coil or sheet feeding for cable tray roll forming machine and also with different cable tray roll form machine line unit design. Such as different cable tray roll form machine line width, thickness, height or with different cable tray punching solutions according to our customer’s final cable tray roll form design.

Our all cable tray roll former machine lines are fit for producing different type of cable trays and whole line is easily controlled from control panel. So that to minimize the production mistake with right punching, feeding and roll forming.

Cable Tray Roll Forming Line Units

– Cable Tray Press Feeding Unit

Our Cable Tray feeding system includes Decoiler, Loading Car, Straightener and Feeder, with the help of servo control we ensure precision feeding on our cable tray machinery line.

– Cable Tray Punching Unit

With the help of our experience, we offer for our customers optimum solutions on cable tray eccentric press and cable tray punching molds for our customer’s cable tray machine line, having perfect cable tray punching on our cable tray manufacturing machine will be pretty easy for our customers.

– Cable Tray Roll Forming Unit

As cable tray roll former machine line unit, we provide for our customers options also feeding for cable tray from directly sheet or from coil, there is width and heigth adjustment on our cable tray roll forming machine. We produce out cable tray roll former with different station quantity and shaft diameter according to our customer’s cable tray design. We provide the optimum solution for our customers for their cable tray roll form line.

– Cable Tray Cutting Unit

If our customer’s require to work from coil on cable tray roll forming line, we are adding the cable tray cutting unit after cable tray roll former according to our customer’s requirement and  cable tray design.

– Cable Tray Coupling Unit

Coupling unit is helping to open the outlet on cable trays, adding outlets during cable tray production is becoming pretty helpful during assembly of cable tray.

Solutions for Cable Tray Making Machine

Medium Duty Cable Tray Machine

Cable Trays  is not with standard sizes. Cable trays can be produced with different sizes  between 50 – 1200 mm and cable tray’s flange height range  can be between 25 – 100 mm. If the cable tray machinery line works from coil, there will be no length limitation on cable tray production line. These sizes can be changed according to customer’s demand.

Heavy Duty – Cable Tray Machine

On cable tray production, sometimes it is necessary to produce cable trays for heavy duty work, which meand sizes and steel thicknesses can be bigger than standard cable tray’s  demand. According to customer’s request, we can design the cable tray manufacturing machine for heavy duty cable tray production also. We are giving flexible solutions for our customers on cable tray manufacturing machine.

Cable Tray Ladder Machine Line

Flange heights can be flexible according to production target of cable tray sizes. If the cable tray machine line will work from coil, there is no limitation on cable tray machine line for cable tray ladder production length.

Also we are designing cable tray ladder production machine line according to production sizes of cable tray machine line and our customer’s demand on cable tray manufacturing machine.

Cable Tray Brackets Machine Line

Cable tray brackets are pretty helpful during cable tray ladder and cable tray installation process. Also it is helpful for having suitable carriage stability on cable trays. We are giving also to our customers  cable tray brackets production machine line solutions.

We are giving complete cable tray roll Former machine line solutions for our customers. So we provide solutions for even for other cable tray accessories. As other cable tray accessories, we can give examples for many different cable tray accessories. Such as vertical and horizontal angle tray,  cable tray cover, cable tray cross section, inside riser, outside riser, straight reducer, cable tray expansion and angle connectors, cable tray U channel, cable tray coupler, cable tray splitter, cable tray width adapter, cable tray separator, cable tray mounting plate bracket, cable tray swivel connectors.

Advantages of our cable tray production line

Flexible Solutions
According to cable machine necessary work, we offer different combinations of steel sheet cable tray production machine lines. We offer our production line with different speed range, width and thickness range, cable tray tool and price range.

Low Energy Consumption
With the help of modern technology and our perfect metal cable tray production machinery line designs We offer to our customers to do same cable tray production work with minimum energy consumption if compared with our competitors. 

Easy to Use
With the help of cable tray production machinery lines practical control panel, software and work adjustments, using of our cable tray machine line is pretty easy. Understanding to working mentality and starting to work with our cable tray machinery line will be pretty easy. Operator will have easily full control on our cable tray machine lines.

Different Speed Solutions
We offer alternative solutions on our cable tray production line, for matching different speed levels on our cable tray machine lines. Such as different cable tray roll forming unit design, faster or slower pres stroke alternatives according to customer’s budget. We can offer and provide for our customer different price and metal cable tray machine speed range. 

Precision Work
With the help of our great experience on cable tray machine lines, we inform and offer alternative solutions for our customers on our cable tray machine lines according to their job requirements. We share our knowledge and offer our customers the most suitable cable tray manufacturing machine line according to their needs.

General parameters of cable tray manufacturing machine

Sheet Thickness

Thickness Range from 0.2 mm to UP

Coil Weight

Maximum coil weight capacity until 30 Tons

Coil Width

Maximum coil width until 2.100 mm

Production Speed

Different speed variations according to customer’s demand

Advanced cable tray roll forming machine line


    – Different capacity solutions according to demand.


   – Solution according to our customer’s budget.

Energy Saving

   – Low energy consumption.