Press Feeding Machine Systems

Coil Decoiler Straightener Press Feeder Machine Systems are designed for flexible solutions on  press feeding system’s results, also we are targeting to minimizing the necessary space in factory, we target to give flexible solutions on desired press feeding systems and minimizing the necessary space in factory.

Roll and Coil Decoiler Straightener Press Feeder Machine System

Decoiler and Straightener Press Feeding Machines are manufactured as single machine body for decoiler and straightener and separate feeder. We offer for our customers press feeding machines with specific solutions according to their preferred work needs with different thickness and width range and decoiler capacity.

Press Feeding Machine System Features

  • Coil Decoiler between 750 Kg to 4 Tons
  • Roll Tightener / Releaser
  • Coil Pressure Arm
  • Separate Coil Feeder and Straightener
  • Sheet Straightening Adjustment with Precision Positioning
  • Coil Feeder and Straightener Cylinders with Gear Transmission
  • Height Distance Detection with Laser Sensor
  • Press Die Memory Function
  • With Multi External Outputs
  • Automation Control System for Press
  • Easy to Operate from Touchscreen Panel
  • Auto Press Die Height Adjustment

The modular design of our press feeding machines can handle a wide range of material widths and thicknesses to increase production capabilities for thin to heavy-duty stamping applications.

Press Feeding Machines

We design our Decoiler and Straightener Press Feeder Machine Systems for better press productivity with working sheet metal from coil, for having high effective work from coil and precision coil feeding work with minimizing necessary working space. It is pretty east to have precision work results with our press feeding machines, our press feeding machines are helping to our customers for having better final product results.

Press Feeding Machine

General working parameters of our press feeder machines

Thickness Range from 0.2 mm to 20 mm

Maximum coil weight capacity until 4 Tons

Maximum coil width until 800 mm

Different speed variations according to customer’s demand

Advantages of our press feeding machine systems

    – Different capacity solutions according to demand.

   – Solution according to our customer’s budget.

   – Low energy consumption on sandwich panel production.