Plastic Sheet Extruder Machine

Plastic Sheet Extruder Machine, we offer our plastic sheet extrusion machine lines with different production capacity and for different final plastic sheet product according to our customers demand. We design our plastic sheet production line for different fields such as pvc, pp, ps / polystyrene, pc / polycarbonate, hdpe / ldpe, pet and for other plastic sheet extrusion machine lines.

Plastic sheet product and sheet extruder machines can be used in many different field.

Plastic sheet extruded sheets can be used in different fields such as construction, furniture, luggage, automative, white appliances, thermoforming and textile etc.

What we can offer for Plastic Sheet Extrusion Lines,

Best solutions for different plastic sheet final products

Wide range capacity options for plastic sheet extruder machines

The best extrusion screw with raw material DIN 8550 Nitrated Steel

Screw hardness level with 65-70 HRC Rockwell

We will offer yopu the optimum and best solution according to your plastic sheet extruder machine line demand.

Plastic Sheet Extrusion Line Types

The type of plastic sheet extruder machines can be categorized according to raw material or product types. Also we can categorize the plastic sheet extruder machines according to industry. Let us explain in here our plastic sheet extrusion line according to raw material and product types.

Plastic Sheet Extruder Machines by Raw Material

Plastic type numbers are increased in years with chemical formulation development. Therefore we will focus on mostly main plastic raw materials under this topic. You can contact with us for other plastic sheet extruders according to your specific raw materials.

PET Sheet Extrusion Line

PET sheet extruder machine can be produced with different combination. Crystallization and drying system is pretty important on PET sheet machine. Also at PET sheet extruder, recycled material can be used. PET extrusion sheet line is pretty common sheet line because of its wide using area in packaging and food industry.

PP Sheet Extruder Machine

PP sheet extruder has pretty wide production field range in plastic industry. Such PP hollow sheet extrusion line, PP solid sheet extrusion machine and etc. PP sheet extruder’s final product also popular in usage because of easy welding results for tanks, fittings etc.

PE Sheet Extrusion Machine

PE sheet extrusion machine can be designed for HDPE and LDPE sheet production. Also in the market PE foam sheet extrusion line is pretty popular. PE sheet materials also is common product in packaging industry because of its good chemical resistance.

PVC Sheet Extrusion Line

PVC sheet is pretty common in furniture and building and automative industry. Also PVC marble sheet production line is became pretty popular. Generally PVC right sheet extrusion line has pretty big using area, it can be used almost all industry. PVC sheet extruder has one of the most wide using area also PVC foam board extrusion line is another PVC sheet extrusion line option.

PC Sheet Extrusion Line

Polycarbonates is becoming more and more popular plastic raw material each days. For example PC hollow sheet extrusion line is used for industrial roofing and in green houses. Also many different fields need polycarbonate sheet extruders for safety glasses, bullet resistance glasses, electronics, auto parts and etc.

ABS Sheet Extrusion Line

ABS sheet extruders are for mostly unique ABS sheet production. Such as refrigerator production, 3D building materials, prototype construction, vacuum construction, keyboard keys and etc. When we think the usage area of ABS sheet, it is clear that ABS sheet extrusion line will be more popular in near future.

Plastic Sheet Extruder Machines by Final Shapes

We provide also sheet lines of course according to final product shapes. Such as rigid sheet extrusion line, plastic board extrusion line, foam board extrusion line, hollow sheet extrusion line, corrugated sheet extrusion line, honeycomb board extrusion line.

Rigid Sheet Extrusion Line

Rigid sheet materials are the most common plastic sheet materials. Specially PVC rigid sheet extrusion line has big demand from our customers. But other rigid sheet extrusion lines are also pretty popular in the market depend on customers target market.

Plastic Board Extrusion Line

Plastic boards are more common products in construction industry specially PP and PE. Our PP and PE board extrusion line can be designed according to our customers demand. For example in construction industry for flooring, wall and etc.

Foam Board Extrusion Lines

When we say foam board, it can be many different plastic raw material. Plastic foam board can be such as PVC foam board extrusion line, XPE foam sheet extrusion line, EPE foam sheet extrusion line, PE foam sheet extrusion line and etc. Depend on usage area plastic foam board raw material can be different.

Hollow Sheet Extrusion Line

Plastic hollow sheets can be used in agriculture, packaging, advertising, construction, pharmaceutical industry and etc. Hollow board extrusion line can work with different raw material also. Such as PC hollow sheet extrusion line, PP hollow sheet extrusion line, PVC hollow sheet extrusion line and etc.

Corrugated Sheet Extrusion Line

Corrugated sheet is specially for construction industry. It uses in roofing system. Main raw material PP, but except PP corrugated sheet line, it can be with our plastic corrugated sheet line. Also plastic trapezoidal sheet extrusion line is another popular sheet line for construction roofing and sides.

Honeycomp Board Extrusion Line

PP is the main material for honeycomb board extrusion line. Honeycomb board panels are used mostly in van production, outdoors, home furnishing and high end packaging system. We can call it as high tech thermoforming panels. Core is polypropylene material and FRP thermoplastic fiberglass sheet panels are on both sides.

Advantages of our Sheet Extruder Machine

Flexible Solutions
According to our customer’s request, we offer different combinations of sheet extruder machine line, we offer with different speed and production capacity range, with different working thicknesses, different working width, different raw material solutions and etc.

Low Energy Consumption
With the help of modern technology and our plastic sheet extruder machine line design, we offer to our customers to do same sheet production work with minimum energy consumption if compared with our competitors. 

Easy to Use
With the help of practical control panel, software and work adjustments, using of our plastic sheet extruder machine line is pretty easy, understanding to working mentality and starting to work with our sheet extrusion machine line will be pretty easy, operator will have easily full control on our sheet extrusion machines.

Different Machine Combinations
We offer alternative solutions on our plastic sheet extrusion machines solutions, for matching different parameters on plastic sheet extruder machines production results, such as different thickness range, width range, raw material and etc.

Precision Work
With the help of our great experience on sheet extrusion machine production, we inform and offer alternative solutions for our customers on our sheet extruder machines according to their job requirements. We share our knowledge with our customers and offer them the most suitable sheet extrusion machines according to their needs.


    – Different capacity solutions according to demand.


   – Solution according to our customer’s budget.

Energy Saving

   – Low energy consumption on sheet production.

Plastic Sheet Extruder Machine