Plastic Pelletizer Machine Line

Plastic Pelletizer Machine Line

We offer our Plastic Pelletizer Machine Line with different production capacity such as minimum 200 kg/hr  to 2 tons/hr, according to our customers demand. Granule Production Machine Line can work with raw material PVC, PET, TPR, TPE, TPU, PC, PS, PP, HDPE, LDPE and etc.

Our Granule Extrusion Lines can be used for dirty recycle material from outside or factory clean recycles in many different industries. We produce also granulator machine lines for original materials according to our customer’s demand. In plastic production industriy factories need to recycle their own plastic garbages with granule production machine line. Or some of our customers are collecting the garbage and recylce the scrap plastic material with our granule extrusion machines, we offer also professional washing lines for our customers.

As explained, you can think about the recycle your factory scraps with our granule production machine lines or you can consider to collect garbages and recycle them with our granule extrusion machines after washing process. Or you can use our granulator machine line for just producting granules with original raw materials.

On our granule extrusion lines have high production capacity with low power consumption with help of our advanced software and inverter is pretty easy.

With our granulator machine lines you can achive to European Quality Level on your products, with the help of our European technology, as our many European customers are using our Granule Extrusion Machine Lines.

We design our granule extruders differently for different raw material and production capacity, such as different design and size of extruder screws and different barrel design.

On our Granule Extrusion Lines, we use the best quality extrusion screw steel raw material as German steel with DIN 8550 nitrated steel and pretty easy to use software for having low energy consumption.

Advantages of our Granule Production Machine Line

Flexible Solutions
According to our customer’s request, we offer different combinations of granule pelletizing line, we offer with different production capacity range, with different working parameters according to their recycle or original materials.

Low Energy Consumption
With the help of modern technology and our granule pelletizing machine line design, we offer to our customers to do same granule production work with minimum energy consumption if compared with our competitors. 

Easy to Use
With the help of practical control panel, software and work adjustments, using of our granule machine line is pretty easy, understanding to working mentality and starting to work with our plastic pelletizing machine will be pretty easy, operator will have easily full control on our plastic pelletizing machines.

Different Granule Machine Line Combinations
We offer alternative solutions on our granule pelletizing machine solutions, for matching different parameters on granule production, such as different pelletize production capacity, material dirtiness and etc.

Precision Work
With the help of our great experience on granulator machine production, we inform and offer alternative solutions for our customers on our pelletizing machineries according to their job requirements. We share our knowledge with our customers and offer them the most suitable pelletizing machines according to their needs.


    – Different capacity solutions according to demand.


   – Solution according to our customer’s budget.

Energy Saving

   – Low energy consumption on granule production.