Coil Straightener Feeder

Coil Straightener Feeder

Our coil straightener feeder machine is designed to do straightening work with precision feeding together. Coil servo feeder with straightener can give chance to work with high speed on press feeding and precision work during press feeding process for different final press feeding products.


We offer different models for coil straightener feeder machines according to our customers demands and needs, depend on the raw material, thickness and width we offer the best solution for our customer’s coil straightener feeder machinery research. After checking the customer’s final product and capacity request, if it is necessary we design our roll straightener feeder machine for customer’s specific requests.

Coil Straightener Feeder Machine Features

  • Coil Width until 2100 mm
  • Coil Feeding Platform
  • Coil Pressure Arm
  • Coil Feeder with Sheet Straightener
  • Sheet Straightening Adjustment with Precision Positioning
  • Coil Feeder and Straightener Cylinders with Gear Transmission
  • Height Distance Detection with Laser Sensor
  • Press Die Memory Function
  • Press Tool Protection Function
  • Press Tool Lubrication Function
  • With Multi External Outputs
  • Automation Control System for Press
  • Easy to Operate from Touchscreen Panel
  • Auto Press Die Height Adjustment

The modular design can handle a wide range of material widths and thicknesses to increase production capabilities for thin to heavy-duty stamping applications on roll straightener feeder machinery.

We design our coil servo straightener feeder machinery systems for better press productivity with working sheet metal from coil to final product, for having high effective work from coil and precision coil feeding work for different final product and different working sizes on our roll straightener feeder machine.

General working parameters of our straightener feeder machine

Sheet Thickness

Thickness Range from 0.2 mm to 20 mm

Coil Width

  Maximum coil width until 2.100 mm

Production Speed

   Different speed variations according to customer’s demand

Advantages of our coil straightener feeder machines


    – Different capacity solutions according to demand.


   – Solution according to our customer’s budget.

Energy Saving

   – Low energy consumption on coil straightener feeder machines.