Ligne d'extrusion de bandes de chant en PVC

PVC Edge Band Extrusion Line, we offer our PVC edge band extrusion line with different production capacity and for different final plastic edge band product according to our customers demand. We design our plastic edge banding production line for different requirements according to our customer demand. Also we provide ABS Edge Band Extrusion Machine, Acrylic Edge Band Extruder Machine and PP Edge Band Extrusion Line.

PVC edge band extrusion machine line is pretty popular machine in modern furniture industry. But also ABS and PP is becoming to other raw materials which is used as plastic edge banding.

Plastic edge band extruded sheets can be used in different furnitures such as table, coffee table, wardrobe, garden furnitures, television stand and etc.

What we can offer for Plastic Edge Band Production Lines,

Best solutions for different ABS, PP and PVC edge band final products

Wide range capacity options for ABS, PP and PVC edge band extruder machines

La meilleure vis d'extrusion avec la matière première DIN 8550 Acier Nitré

Dureté de la vis avec 65-70 HRC Rockwell

We will offer you the optimum and best solution according to your PVC band extrusion machine line demand.

Edge Band Primer Machine

Plastic Edge Band Color Primer Machine

Color is pretty important for plastic edge band production. Our primer machine gives perfect result on edge band color printing process. We can provide stable color printing solution with our primer machine on edge band color printing process

Plastic Edge Band Extrusion Line Types

The type of plastic edge band extrusion machine lines can be categorized according to raw material or product types. Also we can categorize the plastic sheet extruder machines according to where they we used. Let us explain in here our plastic edge band extrusion line according to raw material and product types.

Plastic Edge Banding Production Line by Raw Material

Le nombre de types de plastique augmente au fil des ans avec le développement de la formulation chimique. C'est pourquoi nous nous concentrerons sur les principales matières premières plastiques dans cette rubrique. Vous pouvez nous contacter pour d'autres extrudeuses de feuilles plastiques en fonction de vos matières premières spécifiques.

Ligne d'extrusion de bandes de chant en PVC

PVC Edge Band Extrusion

PVC edge band extrusion line is the most common material for plastic edge band production. PVC raw material is 100% recyclable. Also it is strong against fire, we can call it fire retardant which is important for fire spread. As we mentioned, PVC edge band extrusion line is pretty common edge banding production line because of its preferred by high volume edge band producers.

PP Edge Band Production Line

PP Edge Band Extrusion

PP edge band extrusion line is not common as PVC. But it has some other advantages if we compare with PVC. Such as, PP has high resistance against chemical materials, because if this it is preferred in kitchen worktops. Also PP has more flexibility therefore PP edge banding production line also preferred for small radiuses.

ABS Edge Band Production Line

ABS Edge Band Extrusion

ABS edge band extrusion line is the new material which is becoming popular for edge banding production. ABS can be called more green plastic raw material which means environmentally friendly because of burning and extermination parameters. ABS has many similarities with PVC, but it is chlorine free and is not fire retardant as PVC. Because of these reasons ABS is becoming more popular at the moment.

Acrylic Edge Band Extrusion Line

Acrylic Edge Band Extrusion

Acrylic edge band extrusion line can be called also PMMA or 3D. It is preferred because of mostly resistance against water, acrylic edge band is used as isolation material as water seal on the corner of furniture. Also it has advantage of hard-wearing resistance. Because of these reasons, acrylic is also used as edge banding material.

Plastic Edge Band Extruder Machines by Final Shapes

We provide also plastic edge band extruder lines of course with different final product alternatives. Such as two color edge band, solid color edge band, wood effect edge band, single extruder edge band and etc.

Two Color Edge Band Extrusion

Two Color Edge Band Extrusion

Two color edge band extruded materials is preferred mostly because of the decorative reasons. We provide also Co-Extruder with our edge banding production line for having solid two colors on plastic edge banding production process.

Solid Color Edge Band Extrusion

Solid Color Edge Band Extrusion

Solid color edge band production is done by typical edge banding production line. For having different color, color pigment is used on the process. We are adding dosing system on our edge band extruder machine for having stability on colors for solid edge band production process. With the help of dosing system, our customers can have stability on their solid color edge banding production process.

Wood Effect Edge Banding Production


As you know, wood effect edge banding production is the most common way in furniture industry. With the help of our color primer machine, we can provide stability on wood color on edge banding production line. Having stable color is pretty important if our customers want to produce edge banding with wood color. We provide great solution with our primer machine on our edge band extruder machine line final product.

Single Edge Band Extrusion Line

Single Extruded Edge Band Production

Normally edge banding production process is preferred mostly as sheet production and then slitting process. But because of some reasons, our some customers want to produce edge band as single extrusion system. The main reason is smooth corners of single extruded edge bands. Single extrusion process, plastic edge band corners can have radiuses. We can produce our this type of edge band extruder machine toolings with single eye or multiple eyes.

Advantages of our PVC Edge Bend Extrusion Line

Solutions flexibles
According to our customer’s request, we offer different combinations of plastic edge band extruder machine line, we offer with different speed and production capacity range, with different working thicknesses, different working width, different raw material solutions and etc.

Faible consommation d'énergie
With the help of modern technology and our edge band sheet extruder machine line design, we offer to our customers to do same sheet production work with minimum energy consumption if compared with our competitors. 

Facile à utiliser
With the help of practical control panel, software and work adjustments, using of our edge band extruder machine line is pretty easy, understanding to working mentality and starting to work with our edge band extrusion machine line will be pretty easy, operator will have easily full control on our edge band extrusion machines.

Différentes combinaisons de machines
We offer alternative solutions on our plastic edge band extrusion machines solutions, for matching different parameters on plastic edge band extruder machines production results, such as different thickness range, width range, raw material and etc.

Travail de précision
With the help of our great experience on edge band extrusion machine production, we inform and offer alternative solutions for our customers on our edge band extruder machines according to their job requirements. We share our knowledge with our customers and offer them the most suitable edge band extrusion machines according to their needs.


    - Différentes solutions de capacité en fonction de la demande.


   - Solution adaptée au budget du client.

Économie d'énergie

   – Low energy consumption on edge band production.

PVC Edge Band Extrusion Line