Perforated Roll Refrigerator Bag Machine

Perforated Roll Refrigerator Bag Machine

Perforated Roll Refrigerator Plastic Machine for different product and size range such as from 280 mm width to 580 mm width and with minimum 0,006 mm thickness until 0.15 mm . Also with different perforated roll refrigerator plastic bag sealing capacity options. We are offering the optimum perforated roll refrigerator bag machine machine solutions for the perforated roll refrigerator plastic bag production according to our customer demands. With our plastic bag machine technology we offer our customers the quality, international standards and performance together. With our knowledge we can match the solutions for every plastic bag demands of our customers for plastic bag production processes.

We offer to our customers complete line solutions including plastic blown film extrusion  machines.

Our plastic perforated bag on roll machines are generally with 1 option, according to our customer’s demand we can offer different solution but our standard 700 model can easily match with typical perforated roll refrigerator plastic bag demands in the market.

700 Model Perforated Roll Refrigerator Bag Machine

  700 Roll – B
CAPACITY150 pcs x 2 = 300 pcs/min (max)
BAG WIDTH2 x 280 mm (double line), 560 mm max (single line)
BAG LENGTH285 – 1880 mm
BAG THICKNESS0,006-0,15 mm


  • Digital PLC control panel
  • Double Welding
  • Motor speed control by inverter
  • Automatic temperature control
  • Perforating system and drum type rotary welding with 4 stations
  • Edge control system is automatic refrigerator bag making machine
  • Continuously welding feature refrigerator bag sealing machine
  • Counting the pieces by electronic counter and stop automatically
  • Coil lifting system is pneumatic perforated refrigerator bag cutting and welding machine
  • Easy to operate and adjust perforated bags on roll making machine
  • Bobin warp system without reel
  • Working with HDPE and LDPE

Our advantages


    - Différentes solutions de capacité en fonction de la demande.


   - Solution adaptée au budget du client.

Économie d'énergie

   - Faible consommation d'énergiepossible de produire des charnières en caoutchouc pour l'installation d'entrepôts de bagages d'autobus.