Cut to length machine line is used for cutting the sheet metals from coil to sheet in cross section, straightening the sheets and after cutting to length operation stacking the sheet on CTL Line.

Standard CTL line is contained as machinery units on automatic cut to length machine are decoiler, straightening, feeding, shearing unit and stacking unit.

Cut To Length Machine Line Options by Systems

We have different combinations on our CLT lines according to desired metal cutting capacity, working raw material range anc our customer’s budget. We are trying to provide the optimum solution for our customers as always.

Compact Coil Cut to Length Line

Our compact cut to length solution is the most simple CTL Line solutions. It is economical solution with small production capacity and in limited space. Our compact cut to length machine line is the perfect solution for the companies who needs low metal cut to length capacity and has limited space in their factory. On our this cut to length line machine model, straightener and feeder are on same body. Which help to reduce necessary space at our customer’s factory.

Cut to Length Machine with Pit System

This cut to length line system is for more professional solution with higher production capacity and capable to work with heavy duty materials also. Our this metal cut to length machine system needs construction work of course because of the pit working system. Also straightener and feeder unit is separated on our this CTL Line model. Steel cut to length line with pit system requires more space at our customers factory, it is fit for professional and high capacity production.

Cut to Length Line with Rotary Shear and Leveler

This is our the most advanced cut to length line system. Because with the help of rotary or fly shear and also with leveler advantage, it gives perfect production capacity results. Also leveler can correct also even heavy damaged coils, straightening level is also in perfect level on our this model. It is fit for steel dealers, because of high steel cutting capacity advantages and also correction advantage of damaged coils. We can reach pretty high working speed on our this cut to length machine model. Also advantage of correcting the damaged coils becoming pretty big advantage for our customers.

Types of Coil Cut to Length Line Machine by Duties

Our sheet metal coil cutting machine working thickness range from the coil is beginning from 0.3 mm and up to 20 mm. As width our slitting and cut to length line are working up to 2.100 mm coil cut to length width.

We have also different cut to length machine speed range. We design our cut to length machine units according to metal cut to length work. For faster metal cut to length machine we use rotary shear or fly shear. For slower cut to length line requirements we use guillotine shears on our CTL Line, hydraulic or eccentric.

Leichte Belastung Metal Cut to Length Machine

As light duty metal cut to length machine, we consider the lower than 3 mm thicknesses. Our light duty cut to length line machine has pretty low electricity consumption. Therefore it is pretty economical solution for low thicknesses. In the past, companies were using medium or heavy cut to length machines also for smaller thicknesses. But today it is better to use exact model because of the electricity consumption on cut to length line machine.

Mittlere Belastung Coil Cut to Length Line

As medium duty coil cut to length line machine, we consider the higher than 3 mm thicknesses and less than 8 mm thicknesses. As e are offering separate straightener and feeding unit on our medium duty Ctl line machine for our customers. We offer for our customers the optimum solution for their coil cut to length line research.

Hohe Belastung Steel Cut to Length Line

As heavy duty steel cut to length line, we consider the higher than 8 mm thicknesses. We provide for our customers metal cut to length machine until 20 mm thickness. Thickness range of heavy duty coil cut to length line is 2-10 mm, 3-12 mm, 4-16 mm and 6-20 mm. Be sure that we provide the best cut to length machine combination for heavy duty metal cut to length results.

According to demands or sheet shearing work specifications of our customer we are offering perfect alternatives for our customer’s steel coil cut to length machinery requests. Such as compact straightener feeder or seperate straightening and feeding unit, or for more precision steel coil cutting machine straightening demand. Also we offer leveler options. Moreover according to cutting to length raw material we offer loop up or pit systems and different steel cutting machine stacking alternatives.

Sheet Cut to Length Line

Main Units of Cut to Length Machine

Abwickelhaspel und Ladewagen

Our cut to length machine has different capacity range. Decoiler and loading car will be provided according to desired working width and coil OD diameter. As a result we can offer until 30 tons decoiler and loading car with our steel coil cutting machine.


With the metal cut to length machine, according to working raw material we offer for our customers straightener machine or metal leveler. Straightener machine roller quantity and working system can be different as to raw material thicknesses, tensile strength and etc. We provide for our customers the optimum straightener solution according to their work on CTL Line.

Metal Leveler

Metal leveler is mostly used for correcting damaged sheet coils. Leveler is preferred mostly by professional metal wholesalers or the companies who needs more precision straightening function. Moreover metal leveler can be also helpful for straightening of low quality coils. Depend on our customers metal cut to length work, we offer metal leveler or straightener on our automatic cut to length machine.

Coil Feeder 

Coil feeder is necessary on cut to length line machines for precision feeding. With the help of servo engines, we can match pretty low feeding tolerances. Additionally, according to customer’s metal cut to length work, we offer our compact straightener feeder solution or separate straightener feeder solution on our metal cut to length machine. On compact straightener feeder machine, feeding and straightening work can be done on same chassis. Or we offer our separate straightener and feeder solution according to metal cut to length line necessary requirements.


On the metal cut to length work, shearing unit type can be different. For example, for higher speed steel cut to length line we offer rotary shear or fly shear. For lower speed Ctl line solution we offer typical guillotine shear system, hydraulic or eccentric depend on sheet metal thicknesses. So, we have alternative solution on shearing unit according to our customer’s requirement on our sheet metal coil cutting machine.

Conveyor Unit

Cut to length line conveyor unit is basically for transferring to cut to size steel sheets to stacking unit. It should be synchronised with steel cut to length machine. Length of the conveyor unit at Ctl line can be different according to desired maximum cutting length on cut to length line. 


The stacking unit is final stage on cut to length machine. Also, type of the cut to length stacking system can be different according to sheet steel cut to size work. So working system can ve vacuum system, slapping system, elevator system or can be just basic metal table. According to our customer’s metal cut to length requirement, we offer the optimum solution for stacking unit on our steel cut to length line.

Cut to Length Machine

Advantages of our metal cut to length machine

Flexible Lösungen

According to metal cut to length work, we offer different combinations of sheet cutting to size machine lines. We offer coil cutting machines with different cutting to length capacity range, working range and price range. Additionally we are supplying different coil metal processing alternatives such as flying shear and rotary shear.

Niedriger Energieverbrauch

With the help of modern technology and our perfect automatic cut to length designs. We offer to our customers to do same steel cut to size work with minimum energy consumption if compared with other cut to length machine manufacturers. 

Einfach zu benutzen

With the help of our automatic cut to lenth machine practical control panel, software and work adjustments. Using of our cut to length system is pretty easy. So understanding to working mentality and starting to work with our cut to length lines will be pretty easy. Operator will have easily full control on our steel cut to length line. Also with the help of optionally routing platforms on roll cut to length line, even single machinery operator can feed to pretty heavy sheets during the cut to length line coil changing.

Unterschiedliche Geschwindigkeitslösungen

As to customer’s demand, we offer alternative options on our cutting machine lines, for matching different speed levels on CTL machines. Such as different steel coil cutting machinery design, stacking and shearing systems. We are supplier of different type of automatic cut to length line. Such as, we have shear alternatives as rotary shear for high speed cut to length line and flying shear for high speed cut to length machinery. Also we can offer compact and economical coil cut to size alternatives. Which has combined steel cutting to length straightening and feeding unit or separate. Or we can add loop or pit on our coil cutting system, as shearing unit we can offer guillotine shear, fly cutting guillotine shear and rotary shears on our roll cut to size machine system. And each of them is providing for our customer different price and production capacity range. 

With the help of our great experience on stainless sheet metal cut to size machine lines we inform and offer alternative solutions for our customers on our CTL line according to their job requirements. We share our knowledge with our customers. And offer them the most suitable coil CTL machine line according to their needs.

Coil Cut to Length Machine Leveler Rotary

General working parameters of our CTL Line


Thickness Range from 0.3 mm to 20 mm

CTL Line Weight

Maximale Spulengewichtskapazität bis 30 Tonnen


 Maximale Spulenbreite bis 2.100 mm


 Verschiedene Geschwindigkeitsvarianten je nach Kundenwunsch

Metal Cut to Length Machine

Advanced Coil Cut to Length Machine Line


    - Verschiedene Kapazitätslösungen je nach Bedarf.


   - Lösung entsprechend dem Budget unserer Kunden.


   - Niedriger Energieverbrauch.

Als Technic Machines haben wir unsere Maschinen bis heute in mehr als 70 Länder exportiert.

Our main focus is following each step from order to assembly and start-up process and solving potencial any difficulties for our customers. So, we do production process checking, machinery acceptance test performance, loading process check. Also helping the shipment organization, assembly and start-up organization and etc. So, we are with our customers at each step from the beginning to the end. If it is necessary we do also market research for optimum machinery option. Moreover we are giving to our customers the critical information about the machines quality and after sales service performance of supplier. As a result, our customers are happy to work with us, we are happy to receive regular inquires and orders from our old customers. And we thank to our customers for being reference for us to their friends and partners. We feel that we are on right way.

With the help of our good relationships with Turkish machinery producers and our great knowledge about the producers. We are offering to our customers always the best and optimum solutions. Working with us will make your work pretty easy from product research to delivery and assembly. 

Cut to Length Machine Line