CNC Pipe Bender Machine

CNC Tube Bender Machine

CNC Tube Bending Machine, our machines have one of the best CNC tube bender software. Our CNC tube bender machine models are our flagship on our bender machine models. It has one of the most user friendly software if you compare with our competitor’s CNC pipe bending machine’s softwares.

Its CNC software is with PC Control and capable to read 3D files directly or tube benders machinery operator can write the program manually pretty easy.

Importantly we have great construction design, if you have experience on tube bending machinery using, you will definitely know the importance of mechanical construction experience on tube benders production.

In addition, the changing the bending tools are pretty easy on our machinery, as you know short bending tool change timing is pretty important on generally hydraulic pipe bender.

All movement axes are with Servo Engine on our exhaust tube bender machine, we concern about necessary parameters on our machines.

You will be happy to work with our mandrel benders.

CNC Tube Bending Machine
  • CNC Tube Bender Machines with PC Control – Ethernet
  • 3D CNC Tube Bender Simulation
  • Automatic, Semi-Automatic or Manual Control
  • Possiblity to Bend Without Mandrel
  • Daily or Total CNC Tube Benders Production Quantity on the Screen
  • Error Messages on the Tube Bending Machines Control Screen
  • Max. Diameter range from 6 mm to 114 mm Ø
  • Spring Back Function with Software
  • Elongation Correction Function with Software
  • Ability to Read 3D Files by Advanced CNC Software
  • Manual Programming Ability on CNC Machines Software
  • Automatic Programming Ability on CNC Mandrel Bending Machines Software
  • 3D Simulation Possibility on CNC Mandrel Bender Software
  • Warning Function During Simulation on CNC Mandrel Bending Machine Software
  • Manual-Semi Auto-Automatic Modes on Electric Bending Machines Software
CNC Pipe Bender Machine

The Most Up to Date CNC Tube Bender Machine Software

We have as PC based CNC tube bender machinery software the latest and best control system. Along with, our the most update CNC pipe bending machinery software combines all required hardware and software components together during tube bending process and can control all the components on machines. So that, you can have fully control on our tube benders with the help of critical functions, such as elongation and spring back calculation, tube bending length calculation and CNC bender simulation possibility etc.

CNC Tube Bender Machine


  CNC-32 Serries  CNC-38 Series  CNC-51 Series  CNC-60 Series  CNC-76 Series  CNC-90 Series
Tube Diameter Max.Ø32 x 2 mmØ38 x 2 mmØ51 x 3 mmØ60 x 3 mmØ76 x 4 mmØ90 x 4 mm
Max. CLR200200220220250250
Bending Angle Max.190190190190190190
Feeding Length Max.2500 mm2500 mm2500 mm2500 mm3000 mm3000 mm
Tube Length Max.3600 mm3600 mm3600 mm3700 mm4400 mm4400 mm
Bending Speed (°/sec)147142120807035

Advantages of our CNC Pipe Bender Machine

Flexible Solutions

According to bending work, we offer different combinations of CNC tube bending machines, we offer CNC mandrel bending machines with different diameter range, with different bending servo axes, pipe rolling function option, punching option, pipe bending mandrel lubrication option and etc.

Low Energy Consumption

With the help of modern technology and our perfect tube bender design, we offer to our customers to do same tube bending work with minimum energy consumption if compared with our competitors. 

Easy to Use

With the help of PC based CNC benders practical control panel, software and work adjustments, using of our CNC tube benders is pretty easy, understanding to working mentality and starting to work with our electric tube bender machinery will be pretty easy, operator will have easily full control on our CNC tube bender machines. Especially with the help of optionally functions on CNC machineries, even unexperienced operator can learn how to use after just few days education.

Different Pipe Bending Machinery Combinations

Along with, we offer alternative solutions on our tube bending machinery solutions, for matching different parameters, such as different tube bending machines length, tube punching systems, cutting unit, different bending radiuses etc.

Precision Work

With the help of our great experience on pipe benders production, we inform and offer alternative solutions for our customers on our tube bending machinery according to their products requirements. We share our knowledge with our customers and offer them the most suitable tube bender according to their needs.

CNC Pipe Bending Machine
CNC Tube Bending Machine

Advanced CNC Pipe Bending Machine

Pipe Bending Diameter Range from 6 mm to 130 mm

Different tube bending wall thickness range options

Wide tube and pipe bending radius options

As Technic Machines we exported our machines more than 70 countries until today.

Our main focus is following each step from order to assembly and start-up process and solving potencial any difficulties for our customers. We do production process checking, machinery acceptance test performance, loading process check, helping the shipment organization, assembly and start-up organization and etc. Additionally we are with our customers at each step from the beginning to the end. Moreover, if it is necessary we do also market research for optimum machinery option and giving our customers the critical information about the machines quality and after sales service performance of supplier. Our customers are happy to work with us and we are happy to receive regular inquires and orders from our old customers and we thank to our customers for being reference for us to their friends and partners, we feel that we are on right way.

With the help of our good relationships with Turkish machinery producers and our great knowlede about the producers, we are offering to our customers always the best and optimum solutions, working with us will make your work pretty easy from product research to delivery and assembly.