Roll Forming Machine Lines

As Technic Machines, we provide for our customer the optimum metal roll former machine solutions for their needs on roll forming machine research.

We supply solution from our standard product portfolio, or we provide the custom machine solution according to our customer’s final product requirements.

Roll form machines are one of the most common machines in metal working industry. It provides the high capacity production and can be cut desired length if you compare with other metal working machines such as press brakes or etc.

We supply for our customers as standard solution,

General Roll Former Machine

Glazed Tile Making Machine

Roof Panel Machine

Trapezoidal Sheet Forming Machine

Corrugated Sheet Rolling Machine

Rolling Shutter Making Machine

Gypsum Channel Making Machine

We analyzed the request of our customers and provide the optimum solutions according to their research. If is is necessary, we supply also custom solution after detailed market research.

Just contact with us, we will provide the best solution for your roll former machine research.

Roll Former Machine

Roll forming and roll former machines are used the shape sheet metals from the coil to complete roll forming product. Roll forming machine can be used in many different field with different final product range. Roll former machine is generally one of the most common machine in metal industry.

Tile Roll Forming Machine

Glazed Step Tile Roll Forming Machine

Glazed or step tile roll forming machine. Also we can say metal roof tile roll forming machine. It is for production of metal roof tile with the shape of typical clay roof tile. Powder coated sheet metal color can be different but shape of metal roof tile is generally pretty similar, just small differences.

Metal Roof Panel Making Machine

Roof Panel Roll Forming Machine

Metal roof panel roll forming machine, metal roof panels are used in construction industry all over the World. We provide our metal roofing machine according to our customer's desired final roof metal shape. Customs roof panel machine solutions.

Trapezoidal Sheet Roll Forming Machine

Trapezoidal Sheet Roll Forming Machine is used for mostly construction industry, specially as trapezoidal sheet roofing and wall panel with different trapezoidal sheet width and thickness.

Corrugated Sheet Roll Forming Machine

Corrugated sheet roll forming machines are used mostly producing of corrugated sheet for construction industry. Corrugated roof sheets are pretty common product as roof panel in constructions.

Roller Shutter Roll Forming Machine

Roller shutter roll forming machine is used for steel shutter door production for doors and windows. Rolling shutter forming machine working parameters can be changed according to market demand for roller shutter roll forming machine final shutter door forming demand.

Gypsum Channel Roll Forming Machine

Gypsum channel roll forming machine is used for production of drywall profiles for construction industry. Gypsum channel making machine is pretty common in modern industry. Drywall roll forming machine solution can be different according to our customer's demand, such as changeable or fixed design.