Thermoforming Machines

Thermoforming machine types are pretty common plastic processing machine for food industry for the production of one time use plastic thermoformed cup, dish, plate, clamshell package, coffee capsule etc with thermo molding machine.

As Technic Machines, we provide for our customer the complete thermo former machine line solutions. Which means from sheet extrusion to plastic thermo former machine. We provide for our customers Turn-Key thermoforming machine line solutions.

Plastic Thermoformer Working Raw Materials

We provide solution for different raw materials on plastic thermo former machine. Such as PET, PS, PP, PE, OPS, LDPE, HDPE, Acrylic and etc. From sheet production to final thermo molding machine results.

Our Thermo Molding Machine Solutions

Thermoforming Machine

Thermoforming Sheet Extruder

We offer for our customers complete turn-key solution for food and other thermo molding machine research. Which means with sheet extrusion tooling, thermo former tooling and etc. So we provide turn-key complete factory solutions for our customers according to their final plastic thermo former product. As to final product we provide thermo molding machine for blister, cup, plastic tray, general food container or cup thermo molding machine. As raw material, we can provide thermoforming machine for PP, PVC, PET, PS, PE, OPS, LDPE, HDPE, acrylic  and etc. We have customs solutions for our customers according to their exact demand for thermo former machine line.

Moreover, we provide for our customers fully automatic inline thermoforming machine or separate sheet extrusion line and roll fed thermoforming machine. We can provide fully automatic or semi automatic plastic thermoformer solutions.

We provide for our customers complete thermo former machine as specific solution according to their demand. Each market can have different demand on one use food packaging, we will provide perfect solution including tooling and etc. Just share with us what you need, we will provide the optimum solution.

Thermoforming Machine

Thermoforming Machine

Plastic thermoforming machine is used for production of thermoformed plastic products. Plastic thermoformer machine are used mostly in food and packing industry. Thermo molding machine is used also in many other fiedls.

Thermoforming Sheet Extruder Machine

Thermoforming Sheet Extruder Machine

Plastic thermoforming sheet extruder machine is used for production of thermoformed plastic products, after sheet extrusion process, extruded sheets can be used as offline system or online system.