Coil Processing Lines

Coil processing lines, today many industry is using the coil processing machines.

As Technic Machines we offer for our customers the optimum solution for good quality and performance coil processing machine solutions. We have as option coil slitting machine line, cut to length machine line and coil fed laser cutting machine.

Coil Slitting Machine Line,

Coil Slitting Line Machine : Coil slitting line is metal slitter machine, it is used for vertically steel slitting process. Metal slitting machine is the best and fastest option for reducing metal coil width. Working speed and range of metal slitter machine can be changed according to coil slitter design, sheet metal slitting capacity can be heavy-duty, medium-duty or light-duty.

Cut to Length Machine Line,

Cut to Length Line : Cut to length line machine is called also CTL line, sheet Meral coil cutting machine is used for metal cut to length work. Steel coil cutting machine can have different combinations on metal cut to length solution such as guillotine, fly or rotary shear. Also the design of ctl line can be changed as to working demand parameters, different coil width, thickness range and etc.

Coil Fed Laser Cutting Machine,

Coil Fed Laser Blanking System : Coil fed laser is continuously laser blanking system which has possibility to feed the laser cutting machine directly from coil. Coil to laser blanking system is becoming more popular at the moment in metal laser cutting systems. It is giving chance to have more flexibility during metal cutting and reducing the metal scrap percentage.

Coil Slitting Machine Line

Coil slitting machine line is used for slitting the sheet metals from wider coil to smaller width coil in vertically

Coil Fed Laser Cutting Machine

Coil fed laser cutting machine and blanking machines are suitable for continuous feeding system from the coil to coil fed laser system.