Metal Working Machines

Metal working machines, in modern industry almost all fields are using metal processing machines to have final product.

As Technic Machines, we offer for our customer different type of metal processing machines from our standard portfolio or we supply some specific machine solution according to our customer’s specific needs.

We can list our standard portfolio as follow,

Pipe Bending Machines

Pipe Bending Machines : As pipe bender machine we offer, CNC tube bender machine, hydraulic pipe bender machine, semi auto pipe bender machine and double head tube bender machine.

Coil Processing Lines

Coil Processing Machines : We offer under coil processing lines, coil slitter machine line, cut to length machine line and coil fed laser cutting machine.

Press Feeding Machines

Press Feeding Lines : Under the field of press feeding machine lines, we offer turn-key press feeding machine lines, coil feeding machine systems and single coil feeding machines

Roll Forming Machines

Roll Forming Machines : As standard, we supply for our customers, roof panel roll forming machine, corrugated roll forming machine, roller shutter roll forming machine and gypsum and plaster board roll forming machine.

Sandwich Panel Machines

Sandwich Panel Machines : We have alternatives for sandwich panel production such as continuous sandwich panel production line, single panel production line and discontinue sandwich panel machine lines.

Other Metal Working Machines

Other Metal Working Machines : We offer also our customers some other metal working machines, such as fiber laser machines, pipe chamfering machines, end forming machines and etc.

You can see more detailed information about our metal processing machines as follow,