Plastic Extruder Machine Lines

Plastic Extruder Machine Lines, today many industry is using the plastic product. Which produced by extrusion machine, such as construction, food, health, white appliances, automotive and etc.

Plastic extruder is for the production of endless plastic product. Which means continuously plastic extrusion machine production process and cutting the product desired length after plastic extruder machine production. The most common plastic extruders are pvc profile extrusion machine, ldpe and hdpe extruder, pvc extruder, pp extruder, pet extruder, sheet extruder and etc.

As Technic Machines, we provide for our customer the optimum solutions for their needs on plastic extruder machine research.

We offer for our customers custom solution for their plastic extruder machine research. Moreover we offer optimum extrusion machine solution according to their requested final plastic extruder product. Also we have some plastic extruders as standard extrusion machine solution. Our standard extrusion line solutions are  wpc wood plastic extrusion machine, strap extrusion machine, sheet extruder machine, rattan extrusion machine, polystyrene extrusion machine, polycarbonate extruder machine, gasket sealing extrusion machine and etc.

We provide for our customers, customs solution plastic extruder machine. Also we have the optimum extruder machine solutions from our general plastic extruder machine lines portfolio.

WPC Extrusion Machine

WPC extrusion machine lines are for production of wood and plastic compositions. Wood plastic extrusion machine's products are used in many different field, such as garden furniture, floor panel, wall panel and etc.

Strap Extrusion Machine

Strap extrusion machines are used mostly for packaging strap extrusions, PET and PP is most common raw material for strap extruder machine production, we offer different capacity and raw

Sheet Extruder Machine

Sheet extruder machine is used for different type of plastic sheet extrusion process with different sheet extrusion width and thicknesses, also with different plastic raw materials. We offer alternative solutions on sheet extrusion machine lines.

Rattan Extrusion Machine

Rattan extruder machine is used for plastic rattan extrusion, rattan is used for mostly furniture industry, such as garden furniture and decoration. We provide rattan extrusion machine lines according to customer's final products demand.

Polystyrene Extruder Machine

Polystyrene extruder machines are used pretty different fields, such as polystyrene skirting, xps panels, xps foam sheet, xps foam block and etc. We offer our customer the best polystyrene extruder machine line solution.

Polycarbonate Extruder Machine

Polycarbonate extruder machine lines are used in many different filed, such as roofing, wall panels and etc. In modern industry polycarbonate final prouducts is very common product in many different fields.

Gasket Sealing Extrusion Machine

Gasket sealing extrusion machine is used in many different fields, such as construction, automotive, white appliances industries etc. Our gasket extruder machine can work with raw material PVC / TPR / TPE / TPU .