Thermoforming Machine

Thermoforming machine, we offer our plastic thermo former for different product range such as cup, dish, plate, lid, bowl, medical, clamshell etc. thermo former processes. Also with different plastic thermo molding machine production capacity options. We are offering the optimum plastic thermoformer solutions for the plastic packaging production. With our thermo former technology we offer our customers the quality, international standards and performance together. With our knowledge we can match the solutions for every packaging demands of our customers for thermoforming process.

We offer to our customers complete line solutions including toolings, accessories and plastic thermoformer extruders.

Plastic thermo formers are mainly used in mostly the food industries as food thermoformers. In food industry our thermo molding machines can be used for production such as cup, dish, plate, clamshell package, coffee capsule etc. Except food industry, our thermo former machines can be used for production of flower pod, medical packaging and some different type of packaging material.

As explained more basic to fields, we can say the fields basically as plastic cup thermoforming machine, plastic tray thermoforming machine, dish thermo molding machine, clamshell thermo molding machine, coffee capsule thermo molding machine, flower pod thermo moldingmachine, medical packaging thermo molding machine and etc. As raw material, we can say the main using plastic materials are PP plastic thermoforming machine, PVC thermoforming machine, PET thermoforming machine, PS thermo molding machine, PE thermo former machine and etc.

Main Product Range of Plastic Thermoformer Machine

Cup Thermo Former

Plastic drinking cups are one of the biggest market for thermoforming machine products. We can offer for our customers all kind of thermoformed plastic cups with different sizes and production capacity.

Lid Thermo Former

Lids are pretty common products for thermoforming production solutions. We can provide for our customers plastic thermoforming machine for all shapes of lids, sizes and different plastic raw material.

Bowl Thermo Former

One of the common product for plastic thermoformer machine is the plastic bowls. We offer for our customers precision and flexible solutions with our plastic thermoforming machines.

Clamshell Packaging Thermo Former

Clamshell packaging is common product on food industry which can produce with our plastic thermoforming machine. So, we can offer the flexible and best production solution for our customer on their plastic thermoformer machine research.

Dishes and Plates Thermo Former

Dishes and plates are one of the most common product on thermoforming machine’s product range. We can provide thermoforming machine with different product size and shape flexibility.

Coffee Capsules Thermo Former

Producing the thermoformed coffee capsules with precision sized and desired capacity is pretty easy for our customers with our thermoforming machines.

Medical Thermo Former

Medical industry is pretty common user also for thermoforming products. Specially in medical tablets, we offer flexible and optimum solutions for our customers with our thermoforming machine.

Flower Pots Thermo Former

One of the most common product is flower pots for thermoforming machine. Specially for short time use flower pots, we can offer optimum and high quality solution for our customers.

Our Plastic Thermo Molding Machine Models

Our plastic thermo molding machines have high production capacity with low power consumption with help of our advanced software and technology.

With our plastic thermo former you can achieve to European Quality Level on your products. Also, with the help of our European technology, as our many European customers are using our plastic thermoformer machines.

We design our plastic thermo former differently for different raw material and production capacity. Such as different design and size of thermo former toolings and thermo formers.

On our plastic thermoforming machine, we use the best quality raw materials and pretty easy to use software for having low energy consumption.

KG Series Plastic Thermoformer

Our KG series thermo formers are designed and produced for mostly plastic cup or other deeper thermo former product production for high capacity results. So, our KG series thermo molding machine can work with PVC, PP, PET and other plastic raw materials.

CMK Series Plastic Thermoformer

Our CMK series thermo formers are designed and produced for mostly plastic plates or other wider thermo former product production for high capacity results. So, our CMK series thermo molding machine can work with PVC, PP, PET and other plastic raw materials.

Advantages of our Thermoforming Machine

Flexible Solutions
According to our customer’s thermo form work, we offer different solutions of thermo molding machine. We offer rotary thermoformer or single station thermoforming machine with different capacity range. Also with different product height or width range and etc.

Low Energy Consumption 
With the help of modern technology and our perfect plastic thermo molding machine design. As a result, we offer to our customers to do same plastic thermo molding machine work with minimum energy consumption if compared with our competitors. 

Easy to Use
With the help of plastic thermo molding machine’s practical control panel, software and work adjustments, using of our machine is pretty easy. Understanding to working mentality and starting to work with our machine will be pretty easy. Operator will have easily full control on our machines. Also with the help of optionally functions on our machines. Even unexperienced operator can learn how to use after just few days education.

Different Thermo Molding Machine Combinations
We offer alternative solutions on our machines, for matching different parameters on plastic thermo molding machines. Such as different working height, width or inline, rotary, single station thermo molding machine alternatives etc. 

Precision Work
With the help of our great experience on thermo former production. We inform and offer alternative solutions for our customers on our machines according to their job requirements. Also we share our knowledge with our customers and offer them the most suitable plastic thermo molding machine according to their needs. 

Thermoforming Machine