Cargo Plastic Bag Machine

Cargo Plastic Bag Machine for different product and size range such as 830 mm width and with minimum 0,007 mm thickness until 0.08 mm . Also with different  plastic cargo bag cutting and welding capacity options. We are offering the optimum cargo plastic bag making machine solutions for the cargo plastic bag production according to our customer demands. With our plastic bag machine technology we offer our customers the quality, international standards and performance together. With our knowledge we can match the solutions for every plastic bag demands of our customers for plastic bag production processes.

We offer to our customers complete line solutions including plastic blown film extrusion  machines.

Our plastic cargo bag sealing machine is generally with only 1 option, according to our customer’s demand we can offer different model cargo plastic bag sealer machine.

LXK-85 Model Plastic Cargo Bag Machine

  85 SLT
CAPACITY250 pcs/mn
BAG LENGTH70-1000 mm
BAG THICKNESS0,007-0,08 mm


  • Touch screen can show the bag size, production number, production speed etc.
  • Cutting printed and unprinted plastic bags with one photocell.
  • Servo controlled plastic bag pulling rollers, high speed and precision measurement.
  • Servo controlled plastic bag welding jaw, ensured strong and quality welding.
  • Servo controlled belt system, synchronously belt working with the stacking.
  • Servo controlled stacking rollers, ensured high quality stacking.
  • Tension control system with inverter on warp rolls.
  • Pneumatic ballerina system plastic cargo bag making machines
  • Edge control system is automatic plastic cargo bag sealing machinery
  • Automatic stop after roll finish plastic cargo bag cutting and welding machines
  • Photocell control for printing space and automatic stop.
  • Coil clamping with maximum 800 mm
  • Can work with PP, OPP, CPP, HDPE, LDPE


  • Warp folding and Coil lifting unit with 1600 mm width
  • Dual bus welding unit
  • Document and barcode unit
  • 250 kg crane
  • Stacking conveyor
  • Stacking rollers
  • Rotary silicone for roller jaw
  • Glue crusher unit
  • Digging jaw for PE
  • Air shaft

Our advantages

    – Different capacity solutions according to demand.

   – Solution according to our customer’s budget.

   – Low energy consumption possibility.